The Tandem Skydive is your first step into the exciting world of skydiving! You will jump while attached to a highly-experienced tandem instructor.

Your Tandem Skydive begins with an orientation video, hosted by our knowledgeable manifest staff. The video will introduce you to the equipment you will be using, as well as demonstrate the key positions you will use during your jump. After the video, you’ll be introduced to your tandem instructor. You will then practice the key positions with your instructor before they gear you up in a harness system. Preparation takes about 30-45 minutes. Your instructor wears a special harness designed to carry another person with them, and the harness you wear attaches to the instructor’s harness with two shoulder connectors and two hip connectors. You are very secure!

The airplane ride to 10,500 or 12,500 feet is about 25 minutes (depending on the airplane used), circling Niagara Falls1 on the way up. Once at altitude, you then freefall for approximately 45 seconds before the instructor opens the main parachute. To finish your skydiving experience, you help fly the parachute back to the landing area.

The Tandem Skydive requires a time commitment of up to 4 hours. There are several camera packages available to complement the Tandem Skydive.

1. Due to localized inclement weather, or other air traffic control restrictions that may be in effect, there may be some instances, although rare, where we are unable to over-fly Niagara Falls on your specific flight. In such cases, we may supplement your video with footage and photos of Niagara Falls that may not be from your actual flight.